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Beeswax Wraps for Food - by ApiWrap with beeswax from our NSW bees!

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    We are bee-yond proud that the beeswax created by our bees and then collected by our family beekeeping operation is used EXCLUSIVELY by award-winning Australian company ApiWrap in the creation of beeswax food wraps. These wraps are a great plastic-free alternative to plastic wrap.

    Buy one to try or to give as a gift when you order your honey as it won't increase your postage costs as they are so light!

    ApiWrap make wonderful beeswax food wraps as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Beeswax is a renewable, fully natural product and the beeswax used in these wraps comes straight from our bees on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

    Beeswax food wraps come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We stock the lovely Leatherwood patterns which feature bees and floral patterns on the fabric.

      What are beeswax wraps used for? To keep your food fresh and clean in an all-natural way. Wraps pieces of cheese, sandwiches and cut fruit, or cover a cheese platter, wrap a lettuce or use as snack pockets for your family's lunchbox.

      The sizes and sets available are:

      • Sandwich wrap 1 x L
      • Celery wrap 1 x XL
      • Cheese Lover set: 2 x S, 1 x M
      • Lunch call set: 3 x L
      • The Apiwrap Full Set: 1 x S, 1 x M, 1 x L, 1 x XL

      The beeswax wrap sizes are equivalent to:

      • Small = 15x20cm.  For tiny cut pieces of cheese and lunch snacks
      • Medium = 20 x 28cm. For cut pieces of cheese and small fruit and veg.
      • Large = 30 x 35cm.  Great for wrapping sandwiches.
      • Extra Large: 40 x 45cm. Cover a platter, a celery or a head of lettuce

      What are these Apiwraps beeswax wraps made from?

      • Pure beeswax from our bees (The Beekeeper Group, based on the Mid North Coast of NSW)
      • Organic cotton fabric
      • Coconut oil
      • Pine tree resin

      How do I use beeswax wraps?

      • Simply wrap the item (food or over the top of a bowl or platter etc), pressing gently on all overlaps, using the warmth of your hands to seal together. When removing, peel back each layer and smooth the wrap out for next time.
      • Beeswax wraps are NOT suitable for wrapping fresh meats, however you can store these in a bowl with the beeswax wrap as a cover (but not touching)
      • Beeswax wraps do not like greasy food, if they come into contact with oily food, wash as soon as possible
      • DO NOT use in the microwave or leave on a heat source, though they are fine in fridge and freezer.

      How do I care for my beeswax wrap?

      • If it becomes soiled, wipe it over with a soapy dishcloth and rinse under cold water
      • Don't use hot water or strong cleaning solutions
      • Don't soak or submerge your wrap

      How long will my beeswax wrap last?

      • Depending on use, about 1 year
      • With proper care your Apiwrap will stay supple and strong for many months. To refresh it when needed, you can place it on a baking tray in the sun for an hour or two.