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Manuka Honey 829+ MGO / UMF 20+ (250g/8.8oz)

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    This honey - with an MGO of 829+ (UMF 20+) is one of the strongest medicinal harvests available in the world and we are so honoured to be able to harvest and bottle it for you - direct from the beekeeper to you. No blending. No batches from other beekeepers. 

    Our bees harvest this honey along the the pristine NSW coastline of Australia where Leptospermum plants - including Leptospermum scoparium, widely known as Australian Manuka and Jellybush - flourish during spring and summer. The delicate white flowers produce a nectar that the bees convert to honey, and in the process, a honey with medical qualities is created.

    We send every batch of Manuka honey to an independent laboratory at The University of the Sunshine Coast's Honey Lab, so we can provide you with certified active honey in the strength you desire.

    You've chosen well here with a honey that has some of the strongest medicinal qualities available. This premium, highly active Australian Manuka by the team at The BeeKeeper® and sold under our Honey & Earth® brand is often used for:

    • treating cuts, burns, wounds and abrasions
    • conditions including sore throats, tonsilitis and  mouth ulcers
    • boosting the immune system eg: colds and flu
    • assisting pet recovery including horses and dogs from injuries and wounds

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to border regulations, Manuka honey is not able to be shipped to or carried across the border into Western Australia or Kangaroo Island.