Fresh Australian honey with history

So much about beekeeping and honey production is reliant on history...the history of the soil, the history of rainfall, the history of bushfires, and how the people on the land have cared for their patch of earth over time. Each event or non-event in Australia impacts on the flowering of plant species, and the amount, quality and taste of the honey we eventually enjoy.

Honey bees weren't even introduced to Australia until 1822. So before that - and for an extraordinarily long period of time - there was a history on this continent created by the 2000+ species of Australian native bee, plant and native animals species and the traditional custodians of the land.

And within each history, there are stories, events, connections.

One such connection occurred for us recently during our latest yellow box honey harvest when Daryl recognised the end frame (pictured) on this rather delicious, honey-filled frame of honey.

The end frame is one of the frames Daryl and his brother had put together decades ago as little kids, helping out Dad Kevin, while watching 'Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men' on TV.

Any small business and family on the land understands that our efforts involve at some time all ages and generations, and as a family with beekeeping in the blood going back to the 1800's, it feels pretty special to be able to see, touch and taste that beekeeping care and human connection throughout the years.

A lot goes into producing honey, whether it be the generations of bees, families of forests, or the humans who do the collecting and bee-caring. We hope you enjoy these efforts and how personal beekeeping is to us. It's in every delicious drop of Australian honey we beekeep for and then bottle. Thanks for supporting us at The BeeKeeper® for all these years.



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