Beekeeping in nature, and bringing you honey direct from NSW forests and fields

When we chat about outdoor jobs and those that can immerse you in the beauty of nature, one profession that stands out is what we do every day - being a beekeeper.

Picture this: spending your days surrounded by the great outdoors, tending to buzzing companions, and harvesting sweet, golden honey. It's a job - and for some of us, a calling - spent in the heart of nature, one that's as rewarding as it is exciting - with plenty of physical work too.

Our bees' well-being is a top priority for us, so we carefully check on their health, ensuring they have ample space in their hives to craft that delicious liquid gold we all love – pure honey. The process unfolds against the backdrop of sky, blossoms, nectar, and pollen, creating a vibrant tapestry of colours and fragrances. Come rain or shine, there's action.

As summer approaches, we take additional steps to protect our hives. In the Australian landscape, the threat of bushfires is an ever-present concern. Therefore, we clear a small area around our hives to minimise the risk and potential impact of fire. This action not only safeguards our hives but also aids our bees as with a clear path to their hives, they can enter with ease, without having to navigate through the obstacles of grass and weeds.

But it's not just us and the bees in this magnificent natural setting. We have the privilege of sharing our workspace with a diverse array of wildlife. From birds to koalas, wallabies, and even our latest guest, a sand lizard – a creature known by various names like Sand Monitor, Gould's Monitor, and the Racehorse Monitor, thanks to its remarkable speed and agility. This nimble visitor might have even indulged by eating a bee or two, though we sincerely hope not!

There's something truly special about working alongside these remarkable creatures and witnessing the wonders of nature and it's our pleasure to bring you nature in a bottle, the finest honey from New South Wales.

As beekeepers who take pride in harvesting and bottling our own honey, we have an intimate connection with every jar. That means, when you enjoy our honey, you're savouring a taste of the very land we - and all the native animals we work alongside - call home.

If you're tempted by the thought of this pure, unadulterated honey, there are multiple ways to get your hands on some. You can place an order through our online store, visit us at the Port Central Real Food Farmers Market in Port Macquarie on Tuesdays, or check for our produce at your favourite local retailers. If you don't find it there, don't hesitate to ask them to become one of our valued honey stockists. We hope you relish every drop and experience the natural wonders that go into every jar of The BeeKeeper®'s 100% pure NSW honey.

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