Do you care what packaging your honey comes in?

We reckon you do! Most honey lovers also really care about bees and the environment, so that's why we ship out our online honey orders using as much recycled and repurposed packaging as we can.

Today's honey orders were carefully packaged in a protective layer of recycled packaging thanks to a fabulous, large, emptied box from Who Gives a Crap ... another Australian company doing their best for planet and people.  

With drought, fires and floods, It's been a difficult couple of years for bees, beekeepers, forests and wildlife, so we continue to take the extra time involved to package our honey goodness in a way that reduces our environmental footprint.

We're also excited to be a part of the Wheen Bee Foundation's 5 Bees Program which will help beekeepers like us at The Beekeeper's Honey to further improve our sustainability and positive environmental outcomes into the future. Beekeepers from across Australia are involved and we're so grateful to be one of four NSW professional beekeepers in the first program.

Thanks again for buying your honey, beeswax and certified Australian manuka online from us, and feel good knowing we're doing our best to bring it to you in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Sweet!

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