2020 - The year we begin offering our Manuka honey direct to you

2020 has been a year of ups and downs, not just for beekeepers, but it seems for people and the planet in general. We've see the worst of the bushfires and the dramatic impact of Covid, and yet, 2020 is also bringing regeneration, community, and for our company, a new beginning and a chance to be grateful.

As fourth generation beekeepers we've been caring for bees and collecting honey since early last century. And, it seems crazy now, but last century we actually avoided collecting Manuka honey because it was quite gummy and difficult to extract, and it just didn't taste that great to our family (or customers) who were long time fans of delicious yellowbox and ironbark. 

Then, we started hearing about the New Zealand research into the benefits of Manuka. 

In the early days as we learnt about the medical properties of this honey, we started to spend more time identifying where and when along the Australian coast that the key leptospermum species that produce it flowered. And then we worked out how best to harvest, mature and test it.  

As we did, and as more and more research came out about all the things Manuka is good for, we became more and more fascinated by this amazing plant and - with the bees help - the honey it produced. You could say since then we've become Manuka converts and specialists, harvesting highly medicinal Manuka honey along the pristine NSW coast of Australia. 

For a number of years now we've been selling our certified active Manuka to some of the biggest brand names in Manuka. You might have even bought our Manuka honey from a chemist or pharmacy or health food store under another company's label. We'll continue to sell to these respected companies as they do a great job distributing Manuka across the country and the world, but, we also want to feel the accomplishment of selling some of it direct to you too, under own brand.

As farmers, there's something special about the whole paddock to plate concept. There's something about seeing produce you have worked so hard for, end up in a jar with your own label on it, and then for it to end up in a customer's hands. It's a perfect circle - Manuka honey from our hives to your hands.

We are so grateful to you for purchasing this Australian Manuka directly from us and from the companies who carry our products, it not only gives our company income, energy and pride, it also flows into our small rural community and employee's families, creating a wonderful energy for many more people too. It also means we can continue to do what we love doing - beekeeping and spending time in nature in the great Australian outdoors. 

Thank you!

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