Where to buy Australian Beeswax? Right here, direct from The Beekeeper

There's something really special about Australian beeswax, not just the gentle honey aroma but also all the great things it can be used for.

Beeswax from here is also some of the purest in the world thanks to Australia still being free of varroa mite. This pesky, destructive bug has forced many beekeepers around the world (including New Zealand, the US, Asia and Europe) to use miticides in their hives to stay on top of the pest. Luckily, Australia has managed to avoid the varroa mite invasion so far, so we don't need to use any chemicals to treat it.  

Did you know beeswax will vary in colour, texture and scent depending on what the bees have been feeding on as well as how the beeswax has been processed and at what temperature?

That's why some of our beeswax is bright yellow and also why some tends to be more of an olive-yellow colour. We do minimal processing of our wax, just a good filter to ensure it is food grade and pure. 

The beeswax we sell online comes direct from our bees to you. At various times of the year our bees have enjoyed the benefits of plants including Australian Manuka (Leptospermum species), Yellowbox, Ironbark, Stringybark and sometimes Clover, Applebox, Bloodwood and other native Australian species. Each harvest is slightly different, but all give you a top quality, pure Australian beeswax.

You can use our beeswax supply for all sorts of purposes including beeswax food wraps, beeswax for cosmetics including natural balms, beeswax for furniture polish, beeswax candles and any other reason you might need to use beeswax.

Our beeswax is a 100% natural product and we hope you enjoy using it.


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