Wholesale Manuka Honey now available - also for Export, Retail & Bulk Manuka Honey

Are you looking to find wholesale Manuka honey for your pharmacy, chemist, health food store, retail, medical or vet practice?

Do you need bulk Manuka honey, or need to source Manuka honey for export?

Wholesale and bulk Manuka honey is now available direct from The Bee Keeper.  We can provide 250g jars right through to entire pallecons of laboratory-tested and certified active Australian Manuka honey in a variety of strengths. 

To set yourself up as a wholesale Manuka customer, we have minimum order quantities, so please contact us through our form with details on your business and the quantity and strength of Manuka you are seeking and we will be happy to assist. If you are looking to purchase Manuka for yourself, you can buy Manuka right here on our website.

All of our Manuka is certified active. We have been harvesting, extracting and packaging Manuka from our bees for some of the biggest names in Manuka for many years. Our bees forage on a variety of powerful Leptospermum species on the East Coast of Australia during Spring and Summer.

Our Manuka honey is of the highest quality, 100% Australian and we are members of the Australian Manuka Honey Association and our honey is AMHA Authentic. We are also B-QUAL certified to the highest level, meaning our beekeeping processes and extraction methods are of the highest standard.

if you'd like to source and stock wholesale Manuka honey for your store of business, we are open to trade enquiries now. Look forward to hearing from you!

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