Beeswax and the art of repousse aka copper art

We always love to hear how people use our beeswax. Some use it for beeswax wraps, others for face and moisturising balms, others for candles and furniture polish, but this is the first time we know of that we’ve had a request for beeswax for copper art!

Anyone from the 1960’s might remember the popularity of copper art, and like many retro things it’s making a niche comeback. The art of repousse or embossing copper is all but a lost art form, but people like Tom Hughes from Celtic Copper Craft are bringing it back.

Tom describes his art as traditional, rustic and organic. He first draws a pattern on the copper, then using special tools inflates the imprinted design. The back of the board is then filled with hot molten beeswax which quickly solidifies once poured, providing the copper with strength and support.

The artworks are 100% natural due to being crafted with copper and beeswax and Tom creates original designs as well as family crests, logos and customised images. He then pairs them, with antique and salvaged frames.

It’s important to Tom to use pure Australian beeswax which is how he found us. Unfortunately, a fair amount of beeswax bought and sold in Australia is of foreign origin and can contain extra chemicals due to the abundance of varroa mite and varroa treatments in other countries. Australia is lucky in that we have some of the purest beeswax in the world. Buying Australian beeswax is also great for the local economy and helps keep Australia’s regional communities resilient and productive.

We’ve included a few images of Tom’s work – and it just makes our day to see all the creative ways people use our beeswax, thanks Tom for letting us know.

If you use our beeswax for any products, whether it be beeswax for art, home or health, we’d love to hear how you use it.

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