Bloodwood Honey, a seasonal rich honey, coming in from the field now

If you love a rich, amber honey that’s velvety, smooth and full-bodied, you’ll be excited to hear that this week we’ve been harvesting some delicious Bloodwood honey.

Bloodwood trees (Corymbia gummifera) grow upwards of 25 metres and we’re lucky that they grow really well in our own backyard on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We don’t get a harvest every year, but as you can see from the photos, the bees have been bringing in plenty of Bloodwood nectar this season and building plenty of comb too.

Once we finish the field work, we’ll be able to start extracting and packing it in jars and tubs for you. Straight from the bees and the bush and into your pantry – though it won’t stay there long as it’s just too delicious.

The honey will be packaged and labelled in a few weeks and you’ll be able to purchase from our site here or from the Port Macquarie Real Food Market (Tuesday’s at Port Central). We’re also able to supply our honey wholesale in bulk and to retailers.

If you're not a fan of dark bush honey or medicinal Manuka, we also have our lighter honey such as Yellowbox and Ironbark available too.

And look at that beautiful beeswax in the photo - we'll be harvesting that too and it will just be perfect for a base for your balms, beeswax candles, beeswax polish or beeswax wraps.

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