New to beekeeping?

If you're new to beekeeping, it can be really worthwhile joining your local amateur beekeeping club. We're still learning about bees and honey even after four generations of our beekeeping family, so as a new-bee, you can really benefit from the firsthand information on offer at these clubs.

Last week we really enjoyed meeting everyone at the Hastings Valley Amateur Beekeepers Association gathering at Wauchope. There are plenty of clubs around Australia doing great things and it's a great way to learn and enjoy the company of other bee-minded people.

You can find a list of amateur beekeeping clubs in NSW thanks to the NSW Amateur Beekeepers Association here, and hopefully there'll be one local to you.

We'll be down at Port Central's Real Food Market in Port Macquarie (just outside The Glasshouse) this Tuesday if you'd like a chat or to stock up on your honey, local Manuka and beeswax too. See you there!

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