Celebrating World Bee Day!

It's 🐝 World Bee Day 🐝 today, a great time to remember some of the amazing things bees do:

  • They keep the environment & ecosystem rich, diverse and colourful through pollination.
  • They provide us humans food security...& delicious honey and gorgeous beeswax too.
  • And they're visual eye candy, as there's nothing as mesmerising as native and honey bees going about their day!

To learn more about World Bee Day you can visit World Bee Day Australia's website and do you want to know how you can begin helping bees? Start with some simple actions such as avoiding pesticides in your garden and begin planting a diverse range of pollen and nectar sources too.

Thank you bees, for every little and big thing you do. 🐝🍯🌼💛

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