Pouring for you now...pure Australian creamed honey from our bees

Well this is a bit exciting! We have our new honey creamer up and running and are bee-sy preparing jars of fresh creamed honey for you.

So light, and smooth and delicious, creamed honey is such a delicious treat.

And what's so special about our creamed honey?

We not only care for our bees, but at The BeeKeeper® we're the ones who also prepare and bottle it for you. We know exactly where our bees have been, what native flowers they've foraged on and choose only our best honey to bottle.

Where can you buy our creamed honey? To begin with we will have this new product available at

  • Port Central Real Food Markets (Tuesdays at Port Macquarie)
  • The Foreshore Markets (Port Macquarie)
  • And soon, right here online too!

Look forward to hearing what you think of our new creamed honey. 100% pure, 100% Australian, 100% delish.


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