Seasonal Australian honey buy direct from The BeeKeeper® - such delicious varieties

Take a look at the colour of these three different honey harvests we recently bottled after our bees' efforts...what a stunning difference in colour...and taste! 

Every honey harvest is different. It will obviously depend on the quality (and diversity of blossoms flowering within 5km of the hives, but it also depends on seasonal conditions and so many other factors.

These honeys are single origin harvests, in that our bees were well positioned in forests for a major flowering event of a mostly single species of tree. These honeys are not blended in anyway which means you get to enjoy nature just as nature intended.

Even after all these years of beekeeping, we're still amazed at how different each honey harvest can taste and that's why honey lovers often have a favourite honey preference.

Some honeys like yellow box are great in tea and cooking as they add a lovely light sweetness without distracting from the taste of the main ingredient...but then richer honeys can add stunning flavour and depth to marinades and sauces...or just be eaten and enjoyed by the spoonful.

Do you have a favourite honey? Do you tend to enjoy lighter honeys or more robust flavours? 

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